Architectural Millwork

Custom PVC Brackets

Add beautiful architectural details to your home with custom Cellular PVC Brackets!

Cellular PVC Brackets are made using premium Versatex pvc. They are cnc cut and laminated together to create the size and shape you desire. They will never warp, split, crack or rot! Our pvc brackets are solid to the touch and have the look and feel of real wood. They can be painted with approved exterior paints.

Our pvc brackets are made to order. You can either look at our sample designs and let us know the height - length and thickness you need or if you have plans from a architect you can email them to us. 

We leave a cavity in the back for a mounting block that we supply to attach them to the home or building. 

They can be used for both residential and commercial applications. We have supplied pvc brackets for projects locally here on Long Island, NJ, NYC, CT and have shipped them across the country. 

Please send us a email with the details for the pvc brackets you will need along with a zip code for a shipping quote.